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Monday, September 24, 2012

Youth Festival

Saturday was a busy day for the youth from Nazareno, they won the footbal trophy and also the best act in the talent competition. They presented a sketch entitled - The Chair of Sin.

Well done everyone!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Confirmation in Nazareno

Last night 5 people were confirmed in Jesus El Nazareno,  the church was full and there was a lovely joyful presence amongst us all.  Santiago, Jhan and Beatriz are part of the youth leadership team, Melany teaches Sunday school in Shalom and is a faithful member of the youth group in Nazareno and has been part of the church since her birth! Elvira was the oldest person the Bishop has ever confirmed been a youthful 82! 

Praise God for all his blessings!
AMA - Women's retreat in August

We had a good weekend with almost 100 women staying over the weekend and another bus load coming in on Sunday with their children.  We had a good time of fellowship together and Saturday evening was spent in ministry and we prayed with most of the women which was a blessed experience to see God touch their lives and meet with them in powerful ways.


Sunday School Nazareno

We received some cards from a group in the Uk and we have now made some letters to send back to them. The boys were very keen and quite creative! It was strange that there were no girls yesterday. In general the numbers in Sunday school have gone down a lot recently, please pray that we can get more coming along in the next weeks. 


Been having trouble with the new look Blogger ! Why does technology get more complex?

Sorry for the delays in getting this updated....
will start with recent activities and celebrations and then fill in the gaps!

Last Sunday we had a wonderful anniversary celebration in Shalom beginning with 4 confirmations and moving onto to dancing, singing and eating! finishing with a raffle and sevewral people gpoing home with new items for their homes including a cooker!

here are a few photos!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Volunteer Stefi

 We were blessed with the presence of volunteer Stefi from  February to May working in the Shalom and Nazareno churches and projects. Stefi brought a lot of enthusiasm and creativity in all the activities, especially in the craft workshops in shalom and the youth ministry in nazareno.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear friends

Have been having a bit of trouble accessing my blog - think there was a virus but it seems fine now so watch this space over the next week as I try and update since March - it has been busy so it may take a while!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Outing.....and outing
This last weekend has been a time of visits and recreation.
On Saturday the teenagers and youth from Nazareno went out for a day of fun and games together at a local park.
Then on Sunday the Shalom church congregation relocated for their Sunday service to the same park.
For both groups it was great opportunity to relax and have a change of scenery.
The young people played games, used the pool and enjoyed the play areas.
The church group enjoyed a service under the trees, visiting the small zoo area and taking part in an art workshop and artistic activities provided by the local authority.
We were blessed both days by finding good transport at a reasonable cost and entering the park with reduced fees or exonerated. God is good!
15th Birthday Party
Shalom hosted a very happy party on saturday 3rd March in celebreation of Joseiko's 15th birthday with many family and friends.
Josieko has been part of Shalom for many years and receives therapies each week in the rehabilitation centre.
Here are some photos of the party.
Joseiko with her grandparents who take care of her
Joseiko with her sister Xiomara
With some of the terapy team
Joseiko with her cake
Junior and his mother Beatriz enjoying the fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Continuation of the Cross Project

We have begun painting crosses and other items again to hopefully sell in the UK. We are meeting in the mornings in addition to Friday afternoons and with the help of CMS UK volunteer Stefi Drayson, who arrived in Peru last week to work in Shalom for 4 months, we hope the group can increase in size and also in its production. Pray we can finalise designs and enjoy being creative and working together

Dr. Cooper at Shalom

All the children at the shalom project are being seen by Diocesan Dr. Townsend Cooper who arrived in Peru last year. He sets up clinic once or twice each week to check the children and even does some lab work for parasites and haemoglobin. Once all the children have been seen those most vulnerable will be checked and monitored on a more regular basis. Special diets have already been designed for some children with cerebral palsy and autism to help their weight gain and development.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Youth social action

Almost forgot about the afternoon we spent visiting with food and gifts up on the hillsides The young people had been convicted to give rather than receive and many brought items which we put into bags and distributed to various families.

Visiting felicita and her daughter Jessica in their house with a food parcel and gifts

Christmas day

After a lazy beginning to the day phoning family and friends n the UK and recouperating from all the previous events I went to Sarah and Paul Tester's for lunch. We were very impressed with the Queen's speech once it finally loaded! and then went for a nice walk in a local park.

Relaxation was cut short as we all had to go to churches for our Christmas day evening services.

I started with only a few but by the time we finished there were a number but many rushed quickly off as they still had visitors at home.

On Tuesday 27th we had a farewell service and party for Dimas who is going to work in Ica and Ayacucho to the south of Lima.

Dimas and Etelvina and the usual cake
Yet another Christmas activity!!!

This time in Senor de Los Milagros on Thursday 22nd in the evening.

We had a lovely evening service with the participation of the children for the nativity play. After the service we had hot chocolate and paneton and the youth group led us in some singing.

Pray that we can start regular services in the community as from mid January.

Shalom Christmas

On 19th December we had a grand celebration in Shalom to finish the year. The children who had attended the pre-school in the morning did a 'hora loca' (mad hour) dance and a presentation about an elephant.

The therapists sang a Christmas song
and everyone shared in the chocolatada with hot chocolate and traditional paneton.

Gifts were given to all the children and the staff also received their 'goody bags'.

Ghandira, Lizeth, Ruth, Milagros, Nelly and Luisa.